L’Aeroclub mainly uses La Cerdanya Aerodrome (Girona) for gliding and ultralight flying.
La Cerdanya Aerodrome

L’Aeroclub has three operation and activity centres, one located at Sabadell Airport, the second at La Cerdanya Aerodrome (Girona) and the third at Lleida-Alguaire Airport.

L’Aeroclub has its gliding school and centre in La Cerdanya, in an exceptional setting surrounded by mountains that are ideal suited for this type of flying.

With its unique climate and terrain, the valley’s Aerodrome and L’Aeroclub are favourite venues for gliding pilots from all over Europe.

L’Aeroclub Gliding Section has a school and a flight centre authorized by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) since 1999.

The section’s pilots compete in Spain, Europe and internationally in the various gliding categories.

Our gliding fleet consists of 3 tow-planes (Rallye Socata) and 6 gliders (3 Grob Twin Astir, DuoDiscus and DG300, Ls3a, Asw15, Ls1d).

The section also organizes local, national and international sailplane championships so that pilots can maintain a high level of proficiency.

La Cerdanya Aerodrome offers a friendly, family-focused environment with a restaurant, a swimming-pool, a children’s play area and wonderful views of La Cerdanya valley that provide excellent gliding conditions for pilots and plenty of leisure opportunities that accompanying friends and family can enjoy.

L’Aeroclub’s Ultralight section is also located in La Cerdanya, with a School and Flight Centre authorized by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency.

L’Aeroclub started the Ultralight Flight section to cater for pilots who want to practise their hobby in a continuing education school and fly without having to invest in the purchase of an aircraft. The Ultralight Section has one A22L2 Aeroprakt.